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5 Therapy

Multi Wave

  • Far Infrared

  • Multi-Wave PEMF™

  • Red Light Therapy

  • Negative Ions

  • Amethyst,Tourmaline, Obsidian, Jade & Quartz crystals

Ereada Purple PEMF Mat .JPG

Purple - Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst PEMF Mat

  • Far Infrared Heat Therapy

  • 300 Gauss PEMF Intensity

  • Negative Ions

  • Purple Amethyst Crystals.

  • Red Light Therapy

Classic Healthy Wave 5 Therapy .png

5 Therapy

Classic PEMF Mats

  • Far Infrared

  • 1-30Hz PEMF

  • Red Light Therapy

  • Negative Ions

  • Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade crystals

New Chakra Mat Lights .png

New Edition
Chakra PEMF 5 Therapy Mat

  • Far Infrared

  • 1-30Hz PEMF

  • Negative Ions

  • Red Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite & Amethyst.

  • Multi-Color Light Therapy



>Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat by Healthy Wave Mat

This is the newest PEMF Far Infrared Mat released by Healthy Wave. The MULTI-WAVE PEMF FAR INFARED HEAT MAT possesses a unique PEMF control system in which you can control the type PEMF wave, the intensity and the frequency; the only kind of PEMF mat that allows you to do all these features by the push a button. 

Multi Wave PEMF Mats.jpg



Also known as the PRO PEMF AMETHYST JADE TOURMALINE PHOTON FARINFRARED MAT, Healthy Wave's best selling mat with a great price point of $1500 USD, similar mats with these features reach above $3000 USD. Also Healthy Wave has an attractive return policy; 45 trial period after purchase. If you do not like the product within those 45 days who can return the product for a full refund. 

Classic Healthy Wave 5 Therapy .png


- TeslaFit 

The TeslaFit Plus 2 is the ideal lightweight impulse ringer-type PEMF therapy machine for use at homes or therapy centers. With a maximum PEMF amplitude of 3990 Gauss with paddle or mat, it can produce muscle contractions that maximize the cellular voltage for rapid healing and recovery effects. 



One of best looking mat produced by Healthy Wave, the Rainbow PEMF Mat now delivers 5 healing therapies: PEMF, Far Infrared Heat, Negative Ions, Crystal and Multi-Light Therapy. The prior model/generation did not posses the light therapy like in the Multi-Wave or Classic Healthy Wave Mat. This particular PEMF Far Infrared Mat contains 7 different crystal that align with the 7 primary chakras. These crystals are red jasper, carnelian, yellow aventurine, green aventurine, blue lace agate, sodalite and amethyst. If your looking for a PEMF mat with a diverse set of therapies which include Red Light Therapy along with the other colors, this is the right mat for you! 



The Ereada Purple PEMF Amethyst Mat is very similar to Healthy Wave's PRO PEMF AMETHYST JADE TOURMALINE PHOTON FARINFRARED MAT .  It possesses the 5 healing therapies just like the Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat. Its made in Korea of high quality and design. 




The most expensive PEMF mat on the market coming it at a cool $4500 USD, the Bemer MAT gained notoriety by being part of NASA's research and developed team for the application of PEMF technology. It has been a popular item but the price tag is bit sticky and they use multi-level marketing by their selling platform. Return policies vary. 

bemer Set parts_edited.jpg

Information Regarding PEMF, Far Infrared Heat Therapies & the Leading PEMF Devices


PEMF Information & Studies in Focus

Spectrum of Electromagnetic.jpg

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Multi-Wave Mat Picture Review-BEST PEMF

The Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat Review

5 Healthy Wave PEMF.jpg

The Classic Healthy Wave Mat Review


Since the cellular reaction takes place in every body, magnetic fields are not condition specific. As a result, PEMF therapy can be used to assist with the majority of conditions. 


Increasing circulation


Decreasing inflammation


Accelerating bone healing


Accelerating wound healing (Immune Boost)


Enhancing muscle function


Reducing the effects of stress


Improving blood oxygenation


Improves people’s sleep quality


Relieves Pain (Pain Relief)


Faster Recovery from Physical Activity 

These benefits have been proven by clinical studies that this website will look in focus.

10 Health Benefits of

Far Infrared Heat Therapy (FIR)

 1. Helping the body remove toxins through perspiration.

 2. Improves blood circulation throughout the body (helps removes waste)

 3. Reducing tension and stress

 4. Improving lymphatic flow

 5. Boosting the immune system

 6. Reduces pain in muscles & joints

 7. Improves Cardiovascular health

 8. Improves Motor Functions (heighten sports performance

 9. Eliminates chronic fatigue (better blood circulation)

10. FIR can stimulate cell proliferation, increase tissue regeneration in vitro (better skin)


The 5 Therapy Wellness Solution: PEMF, Negative Ion, Phototherapy, Crystal Therapy and Far Infrared Heat 

Complete Bio info regarding all 5 healing solutions and the Healthy Wave Mat that brings these therapies together.


PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Magnetic Therapy is a growing alternative therapy to solve a range of medical issues: pain relief, better blood circulation, improved recovery time from physical activity and to cancer treatment. There has been a number of proven scientific studies that identified PEMF therapy as an important alternative therapy to treat numerous conditions. One particular study has risen to become an important source for contemporary times.

The opioid epidemic has dramatically taken the lives of many people in North America in recent years.


The primary reason for this epidemic has been the massive push for prescribing patients opioid pain-killers. Once patients have consumed their prescriptions of legal opioid pain-killers many patients become hooked on the product and look for the street version of the drug. It’s as simple as that. The interesting fact here is that PEMF is a completely non-intrusive pain relief therapy. In other words, there is no internal ingestion of chemical entities in the body that could lead to alternation of cell reproduction (liver damage, addiction).


Down below we have an overview of the one of the most prominent studies that have come out to use PEMF therapy to replace pills and other intrusive pain relief therapies.


A Take on the Research Article: 

Utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy for Drug-Free Pain Management to Eliminate Reliance on Pain Killers for Non-Malignant Chronic Pain: literature Review and Proposal for Pilot Study. Clin J Nurs Care Pract. 2019 –Sharon Thomas A Sharon.

This particular study conducted an open label pilot study of PEMF therapy for failed back surgery pain. The authors defined failed back surgery syndrome as chronic back pain (often radiating to one or both legs) after spinal surgery.


The proportions of spine surgeries that end with chronic intractable pain range from 19 % to 46% depending on the specific procedure. Since the high frequency of these surgeries, the incapacity of the medical community to successfully cope such pain has contributed to the rapid ascent of addiction crisis of post-operative patients, people who aren’t your typical junkie. As a result, the authors of this study began the process to investigate the analgesic effectiveness of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field or PEMF.

The study comprised 4 to 13 subjects at each of four different treatment sites. The subjects were provided with a portable PEMF device (similar to the Healthy Wave PEMF Far Infrared MAT) used at home which they applied twice per day for 45 days. Healthy Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mats only need treatment of 20 mins a day. Using Far Infrared Heat Therapy mats you always need to keep hydrated after all its like a sauna!  


In a post-treatment ad hoc survey, responders indicated they had over 50% in pain relief. 50% of the clients showed reductions in opioid consumption in their medication consumption journals issued at the beginning of the study. Clients were asked to began a table in terms of their drug consumption after the particular therapy. Finally, 67% of the subjects indicated that they saw an overall improvement in their quality of life; more energy, more alert, better morning experiences (less grogginess).

The study also looked at PEMF effectiveness when it came to tennis elbow. The pain was measured thru medium called visual analog pain scales. The result of the PEMF treatment resulted in all the subjects with tennis elbow seeing dramatic improvement in pain relief.  According to the study, the mean pain score dropped from 7.82 to 3.11, PPT mean increased from 2.95 kg/cc to 4.84 kg/cc, and painless grip strength mean was enhanced from 18.6 kg to 22.1 kg. Basically in almost 50% improvement across the board without any drug intervention or intrusive operation.

This particular experiment examined the effectiveness PEMF therapy in reducing pain in participants with lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).


The study group consisted of 22 subjects diagnosed with condition under review. Each of the subjects was treated 5 times per week for six weeks totaling 30 treatments.



To further expand on the findings, the pain was measured with visual analog pain scales. A pressure algometer was used to measure pressure-pain threshold in kg/cc. A handheld dynamometer was used to measure pain free grip strength in kg. All the treated subjects improved following 6 weeks of PEMF therapy. The mean pain score dropped from 7.82 to 3.11, PPT mean increased from 2.95 kg/cc to 4.84 kg/cc, and painless grip strength mean was enhanced from 18.6 kg to 22.1 kg.


All the results were statically significant (P<0 .001) using a before vs. after T-test comparison. The author concluded PEMF treatment was effective in decreasing pain and improving function in patients with lateral epicondylitis.

This is very important to note, that this particular study was only looking at PEMF treatment of a specific affected area. With Healthy Wave PEMF Mats, they use a 5 therapy synergistic application: Pulsed Electromagnetic Magnetic Field Therapy, Negative Ions, Far Infrared Heat Therapy, Crystal Therapy & Phototherapy. As a result, by combining all these therapies we can achieve maximum results in terms of pain relief or overall improvement of health including healing regeneration as described in the Clin J Nurs Care Pract. 2019 study of PEMF as a replacement for prescription drugs.

Check out PEMFMATSREVIEW.COM for a complete reviews of all the available PEMF products on the market. Plus we found out they have some discount codes available for Healthy Wave Mats. One particular mat has grabbed our attention: Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat. Check out the review that PEMFMATSREVIEW has. Its our professional opinion it has the most objective information on the web for this particular option.



This particular research also compared the effect of PEMF versus conventional treatment in subjects with diabetic polyneuropathy. There were two PEMF-treated groups with ten subjects each receiving dosages at 600 and 800 Hz respectively applied to the calf muscles of both legs. The PEMF treatment was applied for 30 minutes for each leg per day for 12 consecutive days. The third group (10 subjects) served as control (no PEMF) and received standard medical treatment (regular massages, etc.)



The researchers used standard electromyogram (EMG) to measure distal latency, amplitude and nerve conduction velocity of all participants pre and post treatment. There were statistically noteworthy drops in the pain level scores in groups 1 and 2 compared to the control: 66.6, 63.25, and 22.5%, respectively showing PEMF to be 300% more effective than conventional medicine. The motor nerve functionality in the treated groups also showed significant improvement versus the controls.

In every type of injury or condition that PEMF was used in these various studies, PEMF was able show to be an effective method to lower pain and even rehabilitate individuals at a much lower health cost. Its actually quite impressive to say the least. Although, we always recommend you consult your doctor before using Pulsed Electromagnet Field Therapy to treat your injury or condition. 

As a result, we recommend that those seeking alternatives to durgs for pain relief give PEMF devices a shot. Healthy Wave Mats have a 45 day trial period in which you can return the product for any reason. We have not found another PEMF machine company that offers anything close to this offer. In particular, their new Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat has been grabbing attention regarding their new PEMF control features. Click here to learn more or visit Healthy Wave Mat's website for addition information.

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Healthy Wave Mats - 5 Therapies, Far Infrared, PEMF, Photon Lights, Negative Ions & Natural Crystals

Blonde PEMF Mat Chair.PNG

I am a new owner of the healthy wave mat for about 6 weeks and I must say using another mat I seemed to have hit a plateau and couldn’t move on for the better Since my new mat I can feel the difference for the better and having the 5 therapy s one being heat I just love love love my healthy wave mat I can’t believe the difference I’m living my life again I have been living with chronic pain for a many years and now I can say I found my magic pill I would like to thank all at healthy wave mat for their dedication to helping others to help them to stay healthy in many ways not only for pain and I also have a mat for my 2 chihuahua s they love there mat they both went in for dental work and 2weeks for a recheck at the vets the vet couldn’t believe how fast their gums healed they are well and happy and keep up with there every evening routine I would recommend this product.

 Dianne Z

October 2022

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