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Bemer Mat Review


BEMER Int. AG was founded in 1998 by Peter Gleim. The company, based in Triesen in Liechtenstein, sells patented treatment methods for Physical Vascular medical applications. Definitely one of the leaders of the PEMF mat marketplace, you will find many research articles regarding the Bemer company and their products. They deploy Multi-Level-Marketing strategy to sell their products which causes a bit of concern for many in the marketplace. Granted there are those who simply do not care how a certain product is sold just whether or not the product delivers.  


It’s very important to note the higher price point that the Bemer Pro & Classic Mat entails are associated with the Multi-Level-Marketing strategy also known as MLM. Bemer Group is out of Liechtenstein, and “Bemer” stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation.


Which BEMER Products Our We Reviewing?


For the purposes of this PEMF mat review we will looking at the Bemer Pro & Classic Mat models.


The Bemer Pro is presented as the BEMER Flagship item. The Bemer pro and Bemer Classic are the new upgraded Bemer models which were formally known as the Bemer 3000 unit. The only difference between the Bemer Pro and Bemer Classic is the mat controller and accessories that accompany each respected unit.


Classic Set

  • B.BOX Classic – 1 applicator at a time

  • B.BODY Classic – The Mat

  • B.SPOT – Circular Applicator


Pro Set

  • B.BOX Professional – 2 applicators at a time-Programable – Plus signal

  • B.BODY Professional – The Mat

  • B.SPOT – Circular Applicator

  • B.LIGHT with Protective Goggles

  • B.PAD



Bemer Mat Review In Focus


Bemer applies one healing therapy: Pulsed Electromagentic Field Therapy or PEMF. They also have an accessory Red Light unit which comes with the Pro Set. However, for our purposes we are going to focus on their principal healing therapy of PEMF.


Bemer product emit a 10hz with a default 33hz frequency. The 10hz is considered their “sleep mode”. As a result, you have two different frequencies with the Bemer PEMF application.


There are 15 sine waves in each “Bemer Wave” so it is similar to 15 x 33Hz = 495 HZ and 15 x 10Hz = 150Hz if you are comparing with PEMF therapy studies that use normal sine waves or square waves.

Bemer Wave Signal.png

Bemer Study in Focus: BEMER Electromagnetic Field Therapy Reduces Cancer Cell Radioresistance by Enhanced ROS Formation and Induced DNA Damage


According to this particular research, the researchers  applied the Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) system, which uses a low-frequency, pulsed magnetic field (max. 35 μT) with a series of half-wave-shaped sinusoidal intensity variations and was shown to increase vasomotion and microcirculation for improved organ blood flow, supply of nutrients and removal of metabolites [22,23]. In multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, BEMER therapy decreased the levels of fatigue in a randomized, double-blinded pilot study [24]. A follow-up long-term study demonstrated beneficial effect of long-term BEMER therapy on MS fatigue.

It’s a very interested study as it concluded that the  BEMER therapy radiosensitizes cancer cells via ROS in a time- and intensity-dependent manner.  ROS refers to utilization of molecular oxygen by aerobic organisms inevitably results in the formation of a number of oxygen-containing reactive species that are collectively known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS play important roles in both physiology and pathophysiology of aerobic life.

As of today, the Bemer PEMF has been the only PEMF machine to undergo such a research trial of this magnitude. This speaks volume of the presence that Bemer has in the PEMF marketplace.

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