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Healthy Wave Pro

Multi-Wave PEMF Mat Review

Multi-Wave Mat Picture Review-BEST PEMF

In this particular review, we are reviewing the Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat.  This Healthy Wave PEMF machine was recently released in December of 2019.


It's been gathering a lot of attention and based on its price point of $2500 USD, it's comprehensive PEMF technology (which we will get into later on in the review) and additional healing therapies which include; negative ions, far infrared heat, phototherapy (red lights) and crystal therapy.


To give you an idea of what the competition is offering, the Bemer Pro PEMF mat is only offering Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) at a price point of $4500 USD.


Based on our research between each PEMF device, we're suggesting that this Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat is the best value for your hard earned money. Nevertheless, many people have been satisfied with other Healthy Wave products or the Bemer PEMF devices.


Again, always do your own research when it comes to big ticket items. You will NOT regret it. But let's get into more detail about the new Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat by Healthy Wave.

User Experience of the

Multi-Wave Pro Healthy Wave PEMF Mat



As we opened the box, we can identify that the packaging details are very well kept to prevent breakage upon delivery. We have received several PEMF devices from other dealers with open plastic wrapping (obviously had been opened before) and when a customer is purchasing a product of the magnitude of $2000USD or more we would come to expect that everything is brand new as advertised.

We see that received a nice silver carry bag, it was also came with a nice warranty card with a spare fuse part. The controller does look sophisticated, but the instructions are pretty clear and straightforward.


Programming customized PEMF waves and frequencies may be challenging but Healthy Wave have the preset PEMF frequencies.  Down below is a picture of the legend for the preset buttons. (F6, F5, F4, ETC). Recently, Healthy Wave has begun to deliver two controllers: The advanced Multi-Wave controller and the Classic Healthy Wave Mat controller. 



























The pre-programmed PEMF programs consist of various combinations of frequencies, wave types, intensities and pulse durations. For every PEMF program the combinations of PEMF signals change every 5 minutes. 


This is a amazing feature because it allows you to create a customized treatment wave session. No other PEMF device or machine has this type of application. 

Compared to other Far Infrared Mats including the previous generation Classic Healthy Wave Mat, the Multi-Wave Pro Far Infrared Mat heats up quickly. Less than 5mins we found that you worked up a little bit a sweat, which is quite impressive for a Far Infrared Heat mat. Most Far Infrared Mat products that we have tried usually take at 20mins to get to the desired temperature.


This shows how the new generation of craftsmanship has taken hold for the Healthy Wave signature product: The Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Heat Amethyst Mat.

Undoubtedly, the first couple of sessions feel like a sauna. You will be sweating and any sore spots on your back or elsewhere really do dissipate. Once you figure out your desired temperature and frequency you will be able to enjoy this device at your desired setting.


Please note, since the Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Heat Amethyst Mat simulates a sauna session you need to keep hydrated. Please drink water before, during and after your PEMF Far Infrared Mat session!  

Check out the comparison chart of the top PEMF devices/mats.

Two Controllers HEALTHY WAVE.png

New PEMF Technology

Brand New Product from Healthy Wave Mats

#1 PEMF Mat?

Multi-Wave PEMF technology= Sine or Square Waves

What to look for in a PEMF Mat?
As a consumer, choosing the correct PEMF device may be quite confusing and difficult. You should have some sort of understanding of what you want your PEMF machine to provide for you. You may want to consider not only your current situation but give some thought to what your PEMF mat can do for you in the long run (More energy or elimination of pain killers altogether). Or you might be purchasing a PEMF mat for your pet! Healthy Wave is the company that sells such a mat, click here to view. 
Most importantly perform your own research about PEMF & Far Infrared technology, know the sizing of the mat, your budget (spending more money $$ doesn't mean better value), the features the mat provides, guarantee and warranty information. Lastly, always speak to your doctor before purchasing a PEMF device in case you have a heart condition. It's not recommended you use PEMF devices if you have a pacemaker. 

Healthy Wave

Multi-Wave PEMF Mat

Healthy Wave's Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat has now become their #1 PEMF device in their lineup. In other words, its their flagship product. Released back in November of 2019, the mat has been making a lot of noise in the industry. The reason behind all the recent news regarding the Multi-Wave PEMF is their new PEMF application technology.  Healthy Wave Mat became a popular company in the PEMF industry based on their original Healthy Wave 5 Therapy PEMF Mat (Click Here to View). 
The new PEMF technology encompasses a sophisticated "Multi-Wave" control setting for the PEMF therapy. To put it another way it lets you control all aspects of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy including:
- Wave Type (Square or Sine Wave)
- Frequency (1 to 25 pulses per second also know as Hz)
- Intensity up to 3000 Milli-Gauss ---> 10% 25% 50% 75% 100%
- You can set your desired PEMF programs which means you personally customize your treatment based on your usage history and reaction to each particular program you set. 
These features are not available with any other PEMF or Far Infrared product on the market. This is a one of kind product. Furthermore, the combination therapy application with the Multi-Wave PEMF technology has put Healthy Wave Mats in the conversation for best value on the market. Be sure to read up more about the Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat on Healthy Wave's website, click the button below. 
Another great feature is the user friendliness of the controller setup. A lot of these PEMF machine tend to have these big, awkward looking controllers. This particular controller has an easy PEMF configuration and they also have recently provided a nice tutorial video for there controller instructions, which is also very handy. Even though we found the instructions to be fairly straight forward and clear, we also liked the fact they had a video to show how to use the product. We provided the video down below for reference. 

TOP Features, Selling Points and Drawbacks on the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Heat Therapy Mat
Like the previous generation flagship Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat (Click Here to View)the Multi-Wave Pro PEMF Far Infrared Mat  possesses 5 healing therapies which was the original reason why Healthy Wave has become a big player in the PEMF marketplace.
The 5 healing therapies include Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), far infrared heat, negative ions, photo therapy (red lights) and crystal therapy. These 5 healing therapies working in unison only amplifies the healing effects of the main therapies of PEMF and far infrared heat.  
According to numerous studies, but in particular this study called Coupling of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy to molecular grounds of the cell by Richard HW Funk,  indicated that PEMF is FDA approved therapy and effective for treating pseudoartrosis, diabetes mellitus induced complications, delayed wound healing, pain and neurodegenerative disorders. In the clinic, this therapy has positive effects for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendon and ligament. However, its most effective for treating pain. 
Our recent take on the PEMF research of Utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy for Drug-Free Pain Management to Eliminate Reliance on Opioids for Non-Malignant Chronic Pain found on our home page (click here to view), indicated that PEMF therapy alone saw a significant (more than 30% baseline results, some people saw more improvement in pain reduction) pain reduction for spinal and back issues. 
By applying all 5 healing therapies especially far infrared heat therapy, one can achieve maximum results for pain relief or just a higher quality of life in general. We invite you to check out our home page for great information on the leading PEMF and Far Infrared Heat therapy research articles.  
Selling Points
Unlike the previous generation Flagship Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat the Multi-Wave Healthy Wave PEMF Pro Mat encompasses two distinct PEMF waves: Sine & Square waves. This is potentially revolutionary PEMF technology. A mat that is able to emit two different types of PEMF waves is not currently available with any other PEMF device. We want to emphasize that there is no concrete evidence which type of PEMF wave is better for the human body. There are various other PEMF waves: sawtooth, sine, square and triangle. But whats important regarding the wave form is that it affects everyone differently. As a result, the Multi-Wave Pro PEMF Far Infrared Mat by Healthy Wave Mats will be able to reach more people based on their own personal experience with the product. 
Multi-Wave PEMF Mat also possesses a 45 day trial period where you can return the product for any reason (as long as its not damaged obviously). Healthy Wave provides this selling point with almost all of their PEMF and FIR (far infrared) mats. 
Another great selling point is that the Multi-Wave PEMF Mat has come with an increased warranty from the previous generation flagship product Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat. The warranty has been bumped up to two years from the usual 15 months. 
Healthy Wave Pro Multi-Wave Mat is sold by the Healthy Wave Mat Store. Its a direct platform and they don't use multi-level marketing structure (MLM). If any company uses MLM always use EXTREME Caution. The warranties will vary between each provider, customer service level will also vary and the cost will go up for the product. As a result, Healthy Wave Mat products (click here to view) are less expensive than the competition. 
Certainly the number 1 drawback of the new Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Mat by Healthy Wave is the higher cost compared to previous generation 5 Therapy PEMF Healthy Wave Mat. The previous generation Healthy Wave Mat cost was $1500 USD, now the cost of the Multi-Wave PEMF Mat is above $2000 USD.
The Pro model (biggest whole body size) is $2500 USD not including applicable taxes. They have increased their warranty from 15 months to 2 years which is an added bonus but $2500 USD is not realistic for a lot of people. However, the Multi-Wave PEMF Mat is still a lot cheaper than the iMRS 2000 and the Bemer Pro set which will set you back around $4000 USD approx. 

There has been some reports of the user friendliness of the Multi-Wave Mat. Some customers were complaining that it was hard to read and use. We provided some much needed legend at the top of this webpage but Healthy Wave has started to roll-out two controllers with their top product; The Classic Wave Controller & The Multi-Wave Controller...  

Testimonials of Healthy Wave Mat Customers
Dancing Woman

Alice - December 2019 - Multi-Wave PEMF MAT

 I received my mat on Nov 15, 2019 - 25 days ago. I have used it everyday except 2 since then. My health is generally good with the exception of being about 30-40 lbs overweight. I do have some arthritis and my issues are between arthritis, soft tissue injuries and meralgia paresthetica from trauma long ago and far away. The pain was affecting my mobility and ability to walk and climb stairs. It was nearly constant. I noticed improvements almost immediately. On the remaining pain I have from meralgia paresthetica I would rate it as a 3 versus an 8 or 9. Now it is occasional (usually after sitting too long) rather than constant. 

Avatar 103

JULIE - December 2022- Multi-Wave PEMF Mat

I have had the healthy wave mat for a few weeks now. Initially, the photo therapy upset my digestive system. Don't know whether this was a detoxifying symptom or not. I have just had my thyroid blood results back and my thyroid was very much under-active, so that could be responsible too. I am so much better now pain wise and the spasms in my leg muscles have reduced significantly. I have two PEMF treatments each day. I missed them yesterday and could not sleep for ages because my legs were aching so much, just by missing a day. I am actually not sure how I could live without it now. I still have to take other things for my pain, but I have been able to reduce what I was taking, and I hope that I will continue to improve with time. If you do suffer from Hypothyroidism, do not overdo the heat or the photo-therapy, and keep a regular eye on your bloods. Buy a mat, I do not think you will be disappointed!

Skater Girl

Dianne - May 2019- Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat

I am a new owner of the healthy wave mat (5 Therapy Healthy Wave Mat)for about 6 weeks and I must say using another mat I seemed to have hit a plateau and couldn’t move on for the better
Since my new mat I can feel the difference for the better and having the 5 therapy s one being heat I just love love love my healthy wave mat
I can’t believe the difference I’m living my life again
I have been living with chronic pain for a many years and now I can say I found my magic pill
I would like to thank all at healthy wave mat for their dedication to helping others to help them to stay healthy in many ways not only for pain and I also have a mat for my 2 chihuahua s they love there mat they both went in for dental work and 2weeks for a recheck at the vets the vet couldn’t believe how fast their gums healed they are well and happy and keep up with there every evening routine I would recommend this product.

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