Tesla FIT PEMF Mat Review

Today we bring to you a new review regarding the TeslaFit PEMF machines. ​A very interesting PEMF devices in the market with some surprises. Let's start saying that PEMF devices by TeslaFit not only has 3 models, but also the portable and desktop versions are available in the market. Also these machines offer 4 extra application coils to help you to take advantage of its best performance.

TeslaFit has three models, with the option to choose between the destktop version and the portable one (Click Here to View Site), but we are going to focus on the TeslaFit Plus 2 PEMF Therapy System.


The TeslaFit Plus 2 is the ideal lightweight impulse ringer-type PEMF therapy machine for use at homes or therapy centers. With a maximum PEMF amplitude of 3990 Gauss with paddle or mat, it can produce muscle contractions that maximize the cellular voltage for rapid healing and recovery effects. 

High Tech Wellness, LLC is the exclusive wholesaler and distributor for a TeslaFit system. Their systems are manufactured in the USA by PEMF Systems, Inc. What is really great about their products is they offer the portable version, in all their machines. Additionally, Tesla Fit combined their products with dedicated and ongoing customer support!

What to look for in a PEMF Mat?
As a consumer, choosing the correct PEMF device may be quite confusing and difficult. You should have some sort of understanding of what you want your PEMF machine to provide for you. You may want to consider not only your current situation but give some thought to what your PEMF mat can do for you in the long run (More energy or elimination of pain killers altogether). Or you might be purchasing a PEMF mat for your pet! Healthy Wave is the company that sells such a mat, click here to view. 
Most importantly perform your own research about PEMF & Far Infrared technology, know the sizing of the mat, your budget (spending more money $$ doesn't mean better value), the features the mat provides, guarantee and warranty information. Lastly, always speak to your doctor before purchasing a PEMF device in case you have a heart condition. It's not recommended you use PEMF devices if you have a pacemaker. 

TeslaFit Plus 2 PEMF therapy machine

The TeslaFit+ 2 PEMF therapy device has two program options now 5 and 10 minutes, and 5 levels of intensity to choose from. 
Key Features: 
  • 3990 Gauss Max

  • 1 – 5 Hz with 10 Hz Background

  • 2 Programs

  • 5 or 10 minutes (preset)

  • Choose between 4 Applicator Packs

An incredible feature of the TeslaFit PEMF Systems is that you have one free consultation with an experienced PEMF physician to help treat you and continued product related support via user manuals, videos, phone and email. You’ll have 30 days to try the PEMF therapy devices. All TeslaFit PEMF therapy devices have 3 years international warranty on the controller and 1 year on applicators.

It should be noted that the minimum intensity of TeslaFit PEMF series starts at 150 Gauss in the TeslaFit Plus (average price $6,950.00 – $8,195.00 excl. tax) and goes up wards of 8,000 Gauss in the TeslaFit Pro PEMF therapy machine (price $19900 – 20650 excl. tax), but the price increases considerably.

Definitely the amount of money you want to invest will depend on the use and performance you are looking for. For example, if you are an enthusiastic athlete who wants to get the PEMF Therapy System benefits or want to do recovery therapy from the comfort of your home, you can perfectly choose the TeslaFit Plus. However, if you are a Health & Wellness Professional such as fitness coach, chiropractor, orthopedist, physical therapist and your goal is to make the most of it to relieve hundreds of patients from your clinic, you should definitely invest in the TeslaFit Pro PEMF therapy machine.

The most outstanding feature of TeslaFit devices is its versatility. In other words, TeslaFit PEMF Systems are presented to the market through its desktop version and its portable version. This feature gives you the opportunity to transport your device and move your Therapy System from your office to the gym and then to your home. The portable PEMF therapy machine series is specially for the travelling or mobile professional. Easily visit clients and make a huge impact on their recovery & regeneration. This feature makes it very interesting, and adds a very noticeable differentiating element in the market 👌.

Desk-top or Portable?
Desk-top machines
Portable PEMF machines

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