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Ereada Purple PEMF Mat Review

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In this particular review, we are reviewing the Ereada Purple Pro PEMF Mat .

Ereada has numerous different models of PEMF and Far Infrared Mats (Click Here to View Site) but we are going to focus on the Ereada Purple Pro PEMF Mat .


A similar but distinct but from the Healthy Wave Class PEMF Pro Mat, the Ereada Purple Pro PEMF Mat  possesses 5 healing therapies which we will go into detail about: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF), negative ion treatment, far infrared heat, phototherapy (red lights) and crystal therapy.


Ereada a an American company but all manufacturing of the products are done in South Korea where the treatment was originally invented. What is really great about these products is the craftsmanship and high grade materials that our used in these products. The double stitching of seams, the logo, the material itself, you can really see the difference in quality when you compare this product with some of the more expensive PEMF & Far Infrared products on the market.

Ereada Corp also manufacture a wide range PEMF & Far Infrared products such as amethyst pillows, magnetic mats, controllers and mat covers.







What to look for in a PEMF Mat?
As a consumer, choosing the correct PEMF device may be quite confusing and difficult. You should have some sort of understanding of what you want your PEMF machine to provide for you. You may want to consider not only your current situation but give some thought to what your PEMF mat can do for you in the long run (More energy or elimination of pain killers altogether). Or you might be purchasing a PEMF mat for your pet! Healthy Wave is the company that sells such a mat, click here to view. 
Most importantly perform your own research about PEMF & Far Infrared technology, know the sizing of the mat, your budget (spending more money $$ doesn't mean better value), the features the mat provides, guarantee and warranty information. Lastly, always speak to your doctor before purchasing a PEMF device in case you have a heart condition. It's not recommended you use PEMF devices if you have a pacemaker. 

Ereada Purple PEMF Amethyst Mat

Ereada far infrared purple amethyst mats contain up to 50% more crystals than other pads for a premium far infrared experience. Hence the name Purple PEMF Amtheyst Pro Mat, Ereada really focuses their efforts to release as much negative ions from the far infrared heat therapy application while at the same time enhancing the far infrared treatment for the human body. According to the Ereada philosophy, by adding as much Amethyst stones it can generate superior levels of far infrared heat and negative ions, which is the whole point of these sauna style mats. Always be sure to drink a lot of water when using PEMF Far Infrared mats. 
TOP Features, Selling Points and Drawbacks on the Ereada Purple PEMF Amethyst  
Similar to the flagship Healthy Wave 5 Therapy Mat (Click Here to View) and the Multi-Wave Pro PEMF Far Infrared Mat ,  Ereada Purple Pro PEMF Mat possesses 5 healing therapies. Although Ereada tends to market their products as top of the line far infrared mattresses. 
The 5 healing therapies include Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), far infrared heat, negative ions, photo therapy (red lights) and crystal therapy. These 5 healing therapies working in unison only amplifies the healing effects of the main therapies of PEMF and far infrared heat.  
According to numerous studies, but in particular this study called Coupling of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy to molecular grounds of the cell by Richard HW Funk,  indicated that PEMF is FDA approved therapy and effective for treating pseudoartrosis, diabetes mellitus induced complications, delayed wound healing, pain and neurodegenerative disorders. In the clinic, this therapy has positive effects for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendon and ligament. However, its most effective for treating pain. 
Our recent take on the PEMF research of Utilizing Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy for Drug-Free Pain Management to Eliminate Reliance on Opioids for Non-Malignant Chronic Pain found on our home page (click here to view), indicated that PEMF therapy alone saw a significant (more than 30% baseline results, some people saw more improvement in pain reduction) pain reduction for spinal and back issues. 
The Ereada Purple Pro PEMF Amethyst Far Infrared Mat is one of the leading products in this specific market. This is based on price, testimonials, and build quality. Similar to the Healthy Wave products, Ereada has a comfortable price point and high quality design. The product actually has quite of bit of craftsmanship and manufacturing processes in the product. We invite you to see all of their products via their website at
Ereada also has just released an OPEN BOX promotion package. Products that have been bought previously and returned or opened from their original box have been put on further discount. If you are looking for a great deal this is a great bargain. Be sure to see whatsi in the OPEN BOX package when you are shopping at
By applying all 5 healing therapies especially far infrared heat therapy, one can achieve maximum results for pain relief or just a higher quality of life in general. We invite you to check out our home page for great information on the leading PEMF and Far Infrared Heat therapy research articles.  
Selling Points
The Ereada Purple PEMF Amethyst Mat uses over 21 pounds of Amethyst crystals; more than any other manufacturer in its class. Most other PEMF Far Infrared crystal mats usually only have 15-16 pounds of crystals. The crystals hail from Brazil and Korea. 
Another great dimension of  Ereada Purple PEMF Amethyst Mat is that it has a high degree of craftsmanship and tailored quality. In other words, the product looks extremely well made. There is a tremendous amount of double stitching, in addition we found on other particular models of Ereada Corp. that there was suede and other high quality grade materials.
Without a doubt, this product is built to last the long term. Ereada does boost that some of their original machines from 20 years ago still are being used. To be frank, It is very probable that these machines continue to operate for the long term just from the sheer quality control that they have enacted and its clearly displayed in the product itself. 
Ereada Purple FIR Amethyst Mat produces a 300 Gauss Pulsed Electromagnetic field intensity, the Ereada Compact Pro has a Rapid Very Low Frequency Pulsation Magnetic Intensity in the range of .100 – .400 Guass. In other words, it might take longer to feel the effects of the PEMF therapy compared to other models. Its important to note, no study yet has proven in an absolute nominal value to measure which is the more effective PEMF frequency or/and intensity. 
According to Ereada, their warranty and buyer information goes as follows:

It comes with a risk free purchase policy and a one year warranty.

We have very low rate of product returns because usually our customers feel the benefits of hot stones from the very beginning.


But we understand that such purchase is a big investment and so we do our best to provide our clients with a Risk Free protection. In case the mat does not work for you, you do not feel benefits, or for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return the mat within 30 days after the delivery date.

For Returns:


You will be responsible for shipping. If protectors, covers or other disposable parts were used, your return may also be subject to restocking fees up to 15%. If you are not sure that you like the mat, it may be reasonable to keep the original box and all accessories and also to avoid using protective pads during the trial period to avoid extra fees. The standard towels work fine as well.

Lets see how the pricing breaks down for the Ereada Purple PEMF Mat.
Sizes and Price Points 
Mini Model (80 X 50 CM) Purple PEMF Far Infrared Amethyst Mat----> $ 445.00 USD
Compact Model Purple (150 X 60 CM) PEMF Far Infrared Amethyst Mat----> $839.00 USD
Pro Model (186 X 72 CM) Purple PEMF Far Infrared Amethyst Mat-----> $ 1,139.00 USD *** Recommended and Reviewed Size
Mattress Model (190 X 100 CM) Purple PEMF Far Infrared Amethyst Mat--------> $ 1,349.00 USD
The prices are a bit lower price point than Healthy Wave but very comparable. Also if you are looking for cheaper prices Ereada even has an open box catalog or option set. This is about a month old in terms of availability. For those who like to get the open box items from amazon or other spots this is your opportunity to get a basically brand new PEMF Far Infrared Pro Mat for under $1000 USD. 
Check out Ereada's Product lineup VIA the Button Below
There is a few drawbacks when it comes the Ereada/Medicrystal product lineup. When put side to side with the Healthy Wave Multi-Wave PEMF Far Infrared Pro Mat it clearly shows that it's a previous generation all encompassing PEMF mat. 
Although, most mats do not have a Multi-Wave capability like the New Generation Healthy Wave Mat. The Ereada Purple PEMF Amethyst Mat falls in line with the previous generation Classic Healthy Wave PEMF PRo Mat. 
Because of the increase amount of Crystals of Amethyst the mat is quite stiff and heavy. Obviously, to take advantage of the RED LIGHT Therapy its recommended you do NOT use a covering for the mat. Lying on the mat can be uncomfortable for some people, although for Athletes it not an issue. 
Testimonials of Ereada Customers


Clayton - Ereada Purple PEMF Mat

Delivers even and consistent heat. Looks well made.

-Hopefully the investment in all of the fancy add-ons pays off.


-Very firm and hard to lay on. Have a fleece pad on top. Ok for heat. 

Avatar 103

Tam - Ereada Brown PEMF Mat

This is great, I have been sleeping through the night with the mat. I used to get up in the middle of the night to empty my bladder and had a hard time falling back to sleep. Now, even if I had to get up, I have been able to fall asleep without any sleep-aid (medication).


-cover for easy washing, very user friendly


 -a little heavy (can't really complaint, since there are stones in them :)

Skater Girl

 Marie H- March 2020- Ereada Purple PEMF

I absolutely love this mat and I am so thankful we purchased it when we did. Originally I was leaning towards a sauna, but it was a bit cost prohibitive. I use this on the highest setting to raise my core temperature for about 30 minutes most days of the week for detox purposes and to work on back/neck pain I've been dealing with. Our whole family is using it every day to support the immune system, relax the body and ease stiffness (well the adults are using it for aches and pains...the little ones just like to relax on it!). I purchased directly from the Ereada website, but wanted to leave a review here as well - if you are contemplating purchasing this mat, you won't regret it! Even our pets love it! I end up taking my turn late in the evening when everyone's asleep because that's the only time the mat is available! Andrey, the CEO of the company, is very patient and responsive to all emails and inquiries. I'm considering purchasing a pillow to go with my mats in the near future. I also own the mini brown mat and love it's portability.

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